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Hardwood floors and their selection have become a mine field. The Carb II compliance requirements and ecological concerns have made the shrewd consumer ask questions. We have brought together a diverse range of manufactures all however have the same ethical attitude towards the environment and you the consumer.

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 Locally Grown, Harvested and Crafted in the USA. Genuinely as unique as the tree it was made from for your unique home.


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One of the world’s leading hardwood manufacturers with its plant in Europe and head office in Norway. Boen boasts using only top grade materials from top to bottom.



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Proudly American, all their solid Hardwoods and most of their engineered offerings are made right here in the USA



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Designed in the USA and manufactured around the world. Reward is the own label brand of one of California’s leading flooring suppliers and a great entry level product for all.



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Based firmly in the bay area, the Milano range’s offer exceptional quality for the right price with modern colors and finishes. Manufactured in Asia using only renewable and farm managed timbers.



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100% made in America and based in Somerset Kentucky. Somerset has earned the Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody Certification.




Solid and engineered hardwoods from around the world. This site is a great resource when putting together that dream remodel you have whirling around in your head.



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Based on the east coast and Oakland, CFS are a major importer of wood flooring from around the world and have some unique offerings in all things, wood, including bamboo.



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Proudly manufacturing in the United States since the 40’s. Now part of the Shaw industries group, Andersons still carry on their proud tradition of craftsmanship and quality in all their products on offer.



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Both Beautiful Ark and the Medallion Savanah collection fill in the gaps of what we have offered our kind customers so far. At good price points and well put together collections, have a look around the sites and see if anything takes your fancy


      Unfinished solid Hardwoods and Sanding and Sealing.  


We can sand and re-seal your existing solid hardwood floors as well as install new unfinished woods ready to sand and seal For advice and a free feasibility study on whether it is possible or practical to sand your existing floors call us today to set up an appointment.  


New unfinished species we offer are Oak, Maple and Hickory. We only use these domestic species that are grown and harvested here in the US or Canada. These may be a little higher in premium but the quality of milling and the grade of wood employed make it well worth it.


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For Wood Hardness Scale go to the following link.
Please don’t forget, just because it’s harder doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need to be protected, so make sure you have felt pads under your furniture to prevent scratching.



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