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As you may know, modern laminate flooring has become one of the most popular flooring options for homes and businesses alike. Virtually all quality flooring retailers carry, at least, some laminate flooring stock, but very few carry the unique styles, colors, patterns, and themes that we do at Luxor Floors.

When you visit our showroom in Burlingame, CA, we can present you with hundreds of incredibly styled laminate flooring systems that you won't find at most other flooring stores. These high-quality systems come from companies such as: Republic Flooring, In Haus, and KronoTex. These are Swiss and German companies that have, literally, perfected, and expanded, laminate flooring to new and exciting heights. They offer both wood-look and stone-look flooring that is second to none.

In their wood-look options, you will find virtually every wood species (traditional and exotic) that you can image. They have wood-look flooring that contains extra graining (if you wish) and their stone-look flooring is simply perfect in terms of aesthetics and realism.
laminate flooring in San Mateo
KronTex is actually one of only a few manufacturers that offer extra long planks that can truly turn any room into a showcase. And, of course, you can find the extra wide planks that are so popular today as well. In fact, there is almost nothing that you cannot find in laminate flooring when you shop these companies, and we have them!We would also like to add that we can install your new flooring systems to perfection.

Our laminate installers have all been thoroughly trained on how to properly install these remarkable flooring systems, and they have both the experience and the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

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