Waterproof Flooring in Burlingame, CA from Luxor Floors

Does waterproof flooring come in a wood look?

You have options if you love hardwood visuals but need waterproof flooring protection. It's easier than you think to create a beautiful floor that protects you from water damage.

These floors offer lots of other benefits too. And it's worth your time to consider which benefits will help you reach your goals.

The most impressive visuals

You might think waterproof and wood mix about as well as water and oil, and in reality, that's true. But with waterproof vinyl flooring, you have unbelievable benefits.

These floors offer realistic wood visuals that cater to almost every decor style. You'll find patterns, colors, and textures that create realism in every room.

Durability you can stand on

Complete waterproof protection is the obvious benefit of these floors. But you'll find scratch, scuff, stain, and dent resistance, perfect for busy homes.

If you have pets or children, you'll see these extensive benefits every day. And these all lead to an expected lifespan.

An easy and fast installation

If a fast installation is essential to you, waterproof flooring is a perfect choice. These materials can take less than a day to install with floating floor options.

You can walk on these floors as soon as the installation is over. And they are easy to maintain and clean as well, for the perfect addition to your busy home.

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