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5 Stars

Review by Alexandra Liss

“In short, I highly recommend Luxor floors. They deliver quality and follow through that most contractor do not. I really appreciated the great communication with Patrick, his wealth of knowledge, walking me through the process, and his connections. The two men who did the work, the subcontractors, had 15 years experience, were professional, quick, nice, trustworthy.

I live in an 1100 sq ft condo with an HOA and it requires tedious approvals and follow through. Patrick made sure to get me the info needed. There was a slightly delay where it took 2 days of work instead of the 1 day initially estimated but price stayed the same and the result was stunning... as you can see. Before finding Luxor, I called about 7-8 other contractors and they were flakey, inconsistent, higher prices. I spent about $2k on the engineered hardwood white oak for the large living room plus my building requires expensive sound proofing, and the work was about $2k for 2 days 9- 5pm from start to finish, pull dropping off the wood 2 days before, which they did quickly, carefully and as non-obtrusively as possible. They put my furniture back perfectly and were just really lovely to work with, despite the slight delays, out of their control. 5 stars."

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