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Hardwood flooring installation options

Once you choose your hardwood flooring, you'll need to know about installation. A few different installation options could work best for your home.

In some situations, one installation becomes necessary, depending on your subfloor. But in others, you have some leniency to choose the one you like best.

What kinds of hardwood installation are there?

There are four basic installation options for the hardwood that could work in your home. Here they are, in no order, for your consideration.

  • Nail down - most often used with thin flooring.

  • Staple down - a more straightforward option when compared with nail-down hardwood flooring installation.

  • Floating - faster and easier than other methods, the floors feature a tongue and groove system.

  • Glue down - use for parquet and engineered wood flooring.

  • Subfloor considerations are important

    If you have a concrete subfloor, the process will demand a glue-down option or added steps. When you choose your materials, your flooring professional will discuss your options.

    A wooden subfloor is easier to work with and works with every method. Still, your chosen hardwood flooring will have a lot to do with the results.

    We can install some wood floors over certain existing materials. But, again, we will discuss specifics as you finish your flooring choices.

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