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Are random widths and lengths trending hardwood flooring?

You've likely heard of this trend if you've researched hardwood flooring for a long time. Random widths and lengths are very popular for many reasons and could work well for you.

These pieces offer different visual results based on layout, patterns, and colors. And they're perfect when paired with a specific installation layout.

What you need to know about random widths and lengths

Combine three, five, seven, and nine-inch widths for random widths. The look is right at home in traditional and contemporary styles.

This style dates back to the earliest settlers who used the wood floors they had on hand. These days, traditional meets fashion-forward options like stain colors and texture finishes.

The result is a look you can use with any species or design plan. And it's a perfect choice for both solid and engineered wood flooring.

Choosing the best wood width options for your home

Certain species offer impressive results for random-width hardwood. Ash is an excellent choice for natural patterns and colors.

Birch offers impressive blonde and amber visuals with gorgeous graining. And everyone knows cherry offers rich red hues that grow darker over time.

Solid and engineered hardwood flooring looks great in white maple, with clean visuals that are perfect for neutral surfaces. And hickory offers extensive durability with high-interest grains and colors.

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