Commercial flooring services in San Mateo from Luxor Floors

Break out the different commercial flooring services: Carpet, Luxury Vinyl, Hardwood

Commercial flooring services are specialized service that yields precise and necessary results. You'll find that we offer services and products that rise above many options available elsewhere.

Consider the products you need for your establishment and how your requirements affect your shopping. You can start with these ideas to give you the most desired results.

Commercial Carpet choices for your business

With commercial flooring, we know you sometimes need to combine stunning visuals with outstanding durability. But durability always comes first, especially when considering your expenditures over time.

You might think commercial?carpet is delicate flooring, only reserved for the lowest amounts of traffic. But the truth is, it can work perfectly in some of the heaviest retail traffic areas with the right built-in features.

Commercial luxury vinyl choices for your business

Many businesses are switching to luxury vinyl for a great combination of appearance options and durability. In addition to offering stunning natural-look materials, you also get extensive durability, including complete waterproof protection that lasts for years with commercial luxury vinyl flooring.

Commercial hardwood choices for your business

You can thoroughly enjoy hardwood flooring for?your business because it might be the perfect addition to various spaces. We'll take the time to consider your specific requirements and then tell you all the ways that commercial hardwood can cater to them.

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Luxor Floors knows commercial flooring, and we stand ready to put that knowledge to work for you. We help you create the setting and experience you want and need, no matter how large the project is.

When you?re ready to choose the best commercial flooring, visit our flooring store in Burlingame, CA, at your convenience. We?ll work alongside you until you create the perfect experience for any business.