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FAQs about waterproof floors

Hardwood flooring that looked like waterproof flooring choices were once nonexistent. Everyone knew water and wind don?t mix.

Over the years, more technological advancements have occurred in the flooring industry. And that has yielded some outstanding benefits like waterproof wood and wood-look products for your enjoyment.

Yes, we know you have lots of questions about this product line. So, here are some frequently asked questions about wood-like?waterproof flooring?and their answers for your consideration.

1. Can waterproof floors look like wood floors?

Yes, wood-look floors are an excellent choice for every room. Wood-look luxury vinyl flooring is one of the best choices for waterproof floors that look like wood.

These floors offer authentic colors, grain patterns, and textures for impressive realism. And we can customize the surfaces in various other ways too.

2. Are engineered wood floors also waterproof floors?

If engineered hardwood floors have certain core materials, they are rated as waterproof products. This core makes them safe for areas where spills, accidents, and other liquid messes can happen.

However, you should know that these floors are not 100% waterproof. Therefore, under certain circumstances, these products could fail.

3. What are some benefits of waterproof wood floors?

Engineered wood flooring waterproof features make it incredibly appealing in every area of your home. You'll enjoy the beauty of natural wood, with exceptional protection that's perfect where children and pets have playtime.

You'll also have increased durability from scratches, stains, and scuffs. These floors work well in areas of high traffic.

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