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Flooring for restaurants and restaurant kitchens

Commercial flooring is an integral part of the restaurant space because it sees extensive wear regularly. In addition, these surfaces are subjected to extenuating circumstances that demand ample protection for many hours.

The truth is some floors are better for this need than others. And once we find out what your needs are, we?ll make sure you find yours.

Qualities of excellent restaurant flooring

Some flooring characteristics are debatable, but others are absolute requirements, especially in a restaurant setting. A quick and easy installation is necessary for commercial restaurant flooring to keep downtime as short as possible.

Seamless floors are a plus, as they help keep mold, mildew, and microbial issues out of the kitchen. These surfaces should also be slip-resistant, with impressive durability, for efficient cleaning of the surfaces.

Commercial restaurant flooring options

Some products are better suited for commercial kitchens, so it?s worth your time to learn more about them. Your specific restaurant conditions will dictate the outcome that works best for you, and we can help ensure the best results.

When you?re ready to choose the best commercial kitchen flooring, you should know that some choices could work better for you than others. We?re here to discuss all your options so you?ll be satisfied with the results of your remodel.

If you need specific characteristics and benefits for your flooring, share those needs with us while you're here. Our flooring professionals will consider your requirements before we look at our inventory with you.

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Luxor Floors makes it easy to find the perfect flooring surfaces for your restaurant kitchens. We'll ensure your needs come first for commercial kitchen flooring options that last for years.

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