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Is polyester better than nylon carpet?

When you shop for carpet flooring, you'll find several fiber types. Since each has its characteristics, one will likely serve you better than the others.

If you've narrowed your choices to polyester and nylon, you might wonder which is best. And we can give you some facts that will help you figure it out.

What will you get from nylon fibers?

Nylon has a reputation for being the strongest fiber with outstanding durability. Even without additives, these floors resist crushing and footprints.

If you need extensive color and style options, nylon carpet flooring is perfect. There's something for everyone in this product line.

What will you get from polyester fibers?

While polyester isn't as strong under heavy traffic as nylon, it does resist stains better. As a result, this is a choice fiber for preventing permanent stains and the odors that come with it.

Polyester also holds a dye very well for more vibrant colors that resist fading for years to come. But you might also enjoy a lack of static electricity and impressive softness, all at the same time.

Which one fits your needs best?

Visiting our carpet flooring store can answer even more questions. But you may already have decided between these two.

The best option will be the one that fits your needs. So, compare these with your list of requirements.

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