Waterproof flooring in Burlingame, CA from Luxor Floors

Is vinyl considered waterproof flooring?

When it comes to flooring, all vinyl products are waterproof flooring. They offer excellent protection from water damage and much more for your perfect match.

But there's more to vinyl flooring, and you'll want to know more about it. Take time to find out what makes these floors protect you so well from water damage.

Vinyl is a fantastic floor covering

Regarding waterproof properties, vinyl has always been a great choice. It offers natural waterproof protection, no matter where it's placed.

Consider vinyl if you need protection from dampness, humidity, spills, etc. Waterproof vinyl flooring can even withstand flood conditions.

What else can luxury vinyl do for you?

These floors offer impressive visuals that will fit your every flooring need. Products mimic natural wood, stone, and tile, including colors and textures.

Each visual offers a match for a wealth of decor styles. No matter your visual need, there's a product here to match it.

Don't forget to ask about specific trends that will keep you looking good for years to come. There's waterproof flooring here for everyone, no matter your decor.

Visit us for your waterproof vinyl flooring choices

When you need the best waterproof floors in Burlingame, CA, visit Luxor Floors. We have an inventory with quality materials you're sure to find appealing.

We'll help you match your needs with the flooring that caters to it. And our goal is your complete flooring satisfaction, no matter what size remodel you have in mind.

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