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Is waterproof flooring the same as water-resistant floors?

Waterproof flooring
and water-resistant floors are not the same things. But, of course, they are similar, but only one gives you complete peace of mind against water damage.

Waterproof materials are your best choice when you need only the best protection. And the more you learn about how these two floors differ, the better your results will be.

What is water-resistant flooring?

Water-resistant floors protect from humidity, dampness, spills, and splashes. Some products can protect as long as 72 hours before damage sets in.

These floors are perfect for spaces where only light issues are present. But waterproof vinyl flooring is a better choice for many.

What are waterproof floors?

Waterproof materials are made of vinyl, which is entirely waterproof. But they also contain core materials that ensure that protection through and through.

Even in flood conditions, waterproof flooring will not take on damage. So, if you have pets or children, you'll appreciate everything about these floors.

How can you choose between the two?

It's easy to choose which materials will work best for your home. Compare them to your specific requirements, and the one that fits them best is perfect waterproof flooring.

If you're still having trouble, speak with an associate. We'll help you make the hard decisions for results you can live with.

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