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Three tips to see if engineered hardwood flooring is for you

Many homeowners consider engineered hardwood flooring for a lot of different reasons. But if you're not sure the products are for you, then what?

The good news is there are some tips to determine whether engineered materials will work for you. And here are three of them to help get you started.

Not sure about engineered wood flooring?

1. Do you need a floor covering that's durable?
Installing these floors gives you customizable scratch, scuff, and dent resistance. They also stand up well to dampness, humidity, and moisture, with excellent results.

If this sounds like something that would work for you, engineered wood flooring might be best. They'll serve you well in every room of your home with the same great benefits.

2. Do you need a long lifespan?
With professional installation, engineered hardwood flooring can last more than 30 years. Regular maintenance also extends their lifespan, especially in busy areas.

You might want to add rugs or runners in high-traffic areas for the best results. However, durability can help the floors last even longer in less traffic.

3. Do you need impressive visual appeal?
When you need a timeless and elegant decor match, engineered wood floors are worth a second look. These floors offer stain colors, species types, formats, and more, for impressive looks.

Trends can keep you current for years to come. And no matter which look you choose, you'll find a match for any decor scheme.

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