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What differentiates the gray options in hardwood flooring?

You've likely heard a lot about gray hardwood flooring searching for the best materials. But you might also wonder what the difference is between all the gray options.

It's worth your time to find out more about situations like this. It could help you choose floors that will serve you for decades with excellent results.

What makes gray hardwood special?

Gray is a neutral color that gives you an ideal surface for any number of furnishings. In addition, it plays well with other aspects of your decor, and gray wood floors seem to always be in style.

This color opens up a room, making it airy and inviting. But it also creates a stunning contrast when paired with light wall colors.

What are the differences in gray wood?

Gray hardwood flooring is available in extensive color ranges, from light to dark. And each one offers a little something different.

Dark tones show more dirt but offer a stunning visual against light furnishings. Light grays hide more and provide results that are impressive against darker decor.

Which is best for your home?

Finding out which of the many hardwood flooring options is best for your home is essential. And it's easy to do by working with professionals and considering all samples.

Be sure to think about how your decor might change over time. And consider a lasting option if you plan to remodel in a few years.

We have the hardwood flooring you need

Luxor Floors offers superior materials and valuable services for any size remodel. Our experienced associates dedicated themselves to ensuring your very best results.

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