Carpet in Burlingame, CA from Luxor Floors

What should you expect on carpet installation day?

Once you complete the work of selecting your carpet, next comes installation. It's the perfect way to protect this investment and give your floors the look they need.

You likely have questions about what to expect on installation day, and we can help. So, think about these points as you prepare for your carpet installation.

Before the installation begins

The first step is to get accurate measurements of the space we'll install your carpeting. And while we're there, we can address any specific questions you might have about carpet installation or the room.

Subfloor preparation is important

Subfloor preparation includes removing old flooring and cleaning the surface. It can also include any necessary repairs that will affect your final installation.

This is also when we install tack around the perimeter to hold the materials still. It helps with the installation and ensures ongoing stability for your flooring.

Padding is necessary

Carpet padding is another necessary step, and it attaches directly to the tack strips. Padding helps reduce wear and increase comfort, giving you a complete experience.

Finally, the actual carpet installation

Placing the carpeting is the final step, which can include seam connection. The material will also need stretching for the perfect fit with no wrinkling.

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