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What to think about when choosing a carpet color?

Choosing the best carpet means considering several factors. When picking a color, it's essential to think about a few things.

Color can affect more than the decor you're trying to match. And when you find out more about it, the process is much smoother for any size remodel.

What color matches your decor?

Of course, one of the essential color-picking requirements is a great match. But be sure to consider more than one single color so you'll have some options.

Colors that match can range from neutral to bold, so there are plenty of carpet installation choices for every decor scheme. Then you can move on to other factors.

Color creates mood

Some colors bring a sense of calm and comfort, which makes a great addition to bedrooms. Of course, it's a great addition to children's rooms.

But you might opt for something that feels more energetic and exciting in other areas. Family rooms, living rooms, and kitchens can be great places for these.

Hiding dirt and debris

Consider carpet colors that hide dirt, debris, and dander if you have an active household. This helps keep your spaces looking neat until you can vacuum and tidy up.

The darker the color, the more dirt it hides, especially in your busiest areas. Likewise, lighter colors show more dirt and work best in areas with less activity.

We have the carpet you need

Luxor Floors is a carpet store in Burlingame, CA that offers excellent materials. And our associates dedicate themselves to adding all the necessary services as well.

We serve communities like Pacifica, San Mateo, Burlingame, and Hillsborough, CA. We look forward to working with you too.

Visit our Burlingame, CA showroom for your carpet when you're ready to shop. You're sure to find the perfect material while you're here.