Coswick solid hardwood floors in San Mateo from Luxor Floors

Why choose Coswick Flooring? For the benefits, of course!

Coswick solid hardwood floors make sense for so many reasons: attractive appearance options, extensive lifespans, and high-quality craftsmanship are just a few of them. This company is dedicated to creating a new standard of excellence in the wood flooring industry.

The most important thing about Coswick flooring is that it can provide you with flooring benefits that will meet your every need. Taking the time to learn more could yield results that will serve you well for years.

Flooring benefits of Coswick wood floors

Start with an excellent finish!

The right finish can be as durable as it is beautiful, helping Coswick floors to hide signs of wear and some light scratching. Consider options like ProAlumTech UV Lacquer or all-natural silk UV oil, emphasizing beauty and authenticity in visual options.

Advances in locking systems

Coswick also features a new locking system known as CosLoc 5G, a reliable option. It works exceptionally well with the two and three-layer engineered flooring, new to the market in 2008 by none other than Coswick hardwood.

Beautiful visuals mark the line

Wide plank flooring with eco-friendly options responds to the climbing demand for natural-look flooring that doesn't harm the environment. But you may also find unique patterns in European-style mosaic products, with designs like Trianon, Versailles, and Langeals, for impressive elegance with your new Coswick flooring.

We have the Coswick wood floors you need

At Luxor Floors, we care about the results you get from your shopping experience, and we'll work alongside you the entire way. Take the time to speak with our Coswick flooring professionals to help you match your needs with a material that's perfect for them.

You'll find our flooring store in Burlingame, CA, and you're invited to visit any time you're in the area. We look forward to providing you with the beauty, elegance, and lifespan that Coswick Hardwood flooring brings to every home, so stop by today.